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Electronic Components Sourcing Service

With 20+ years of procurement experience of component procurement specialists and incoming material analysis and control engineers 10 people, all electronic components are brand and model specified by customers new imported original.The cooperative suppliers include digikey, Mouser, RS, Element14 and other overseas spot dealers, as well as TI, ST, Atmel and other original manufacturers and authorized agents

As we offer one-stop PCB assembly services which including PCB manufacturing, electronic components sourcing and THT/SMT PCB assembly, and we will purchase lots of components into stock to help our customers start the project ASAP, so we have components in stock tfor sales, son you can contact us to purchase components directly or start a discuss.

The serial number to staff age and gender
(years old) degree
1 sales assistant (documentary) female 20-30 senior high school
2 ChuGan unlimited 20-25 college
3 MI production engineer any male college
4 customer service engineer male 22-35 college degree or above
5 maintenance engineer male 22-40 high school
6 the salesman male 25 to 35 college degree
Specific requirements in post category
1, 1, 1 years working experience in PCB factory;
2, responsible for order placement, online follow-up, daily communication with customers, accounts, etc., at the end of a circuit board documentary experience.

 A number of sales administrationsiness class
2 chemical engineering, mechanical engineering is preferred, can bear hardships and stand hard work, this

 year's graduates. A number of reserve cadre/trainee
3 1) college or bachelor degree, more than two years outside the single production experience; 2) English 

level 4 above, accurate interpretation of the customer information in English, and can communicate with

 customers engineering problems; 3) the ability to read and understand all kinds of mechanical drawings;

 4) proficient in PCB CAM software, such as Geneisis, etc. 5) be familiar with the process of multilayer,

 skilled impedance calculation, known as blind hole plate, Via Pad and so on In production points; 6) a

 strong sense of responsibility, rigorous, earnest, clarity, careful, strong logicality. 7) have large PCB 

factory MI engineers more than three years work experience. 2 engineering/technical
4 1, daily client relationship maintenance, have good communication ability. 2, to the abnormal PCB 

products of the company, can independent analysis, reply to 8 d report. 3, PCB bad abnormal process

 prosecution and corrective to follow up. 4, there are three years working experience in PCB factory

 quality control or customer service. 5, fluent English communication is preferred. 6, work conscientiously,

 initiative. 1 customer complaint/technical support
Five main responsibilities: drilling equipment repair and maintenance, repair and maintenance of workshop

 equipment, auxiliary repair and maintenance. Requirement: electrical or electronic engineering, electronic,

 more than 1 years equipment maintenance experience, has the electrician certificate.

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