Electronic Components Sourcing Service

With 20+ years of procurement experience of component procurement specialists and incoming material analysis and control engineers 10 people, all electronic components are brand and model specified by customers new imported original.The cooperative suppliers include digikey, Mouser, RS, Element14 and other overseas spot dealers, as well as TI, ST, Atmel and other original manufacturers and authorized agents

As we offer one-stop PCB assembly services which including PCB manufacturing, electronic components sourcing and THT/SMT PCB assembly, and we will purchase lots of components into stock to help our customers start the project ASAP, so we have components in stock tfor sales, son you can contact us to purchase components directly or start a discuss.

Hot Search Electronic Components

Now electronic components is in shortage and we hope to help you sourcing that you need from stock. The following is top hot search electronic components and don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to purchase any components and we will sourcing for you in all market.


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